About us

Formation and growth history

In the past years,Leotive has been serving hundreds of clients in Vietnam and overseas. Providing the best website solution requires the meticulousness in designing as well as in the website building and perfecting process.
Leotive has taken part in client's brand building and prestige upholding by its professional, diverse and outstanding designs following the trend of developing brand in an organized way to catch up with other international competitors.

In 2004, upon receiving the trust from the most hard-to-please Japanese clients, Leotive had successfully collaborate with KIWISOFT to serve Workcareer with its software solution developed by the young staffs at Leotive.

In 2015, so as to confirm the company position and prestige in Vietnam market, Leotive had become the official member at the BNI Alliance Chapter wit the Core member position at the BNI Alliance chapter and continue to be active up till now.

In 2016,Leotive had become the trustworthy partner with Liemur software company mobile application developers,who's headquarter is based in London, UK with the mobile app designing and building service based on iOS. From that day onwards, Leotive has always been the hand-in-hand partner with Liemur to provide a trusty software developing services.

Following those successes, Leotive continued to be entrusted by Matkaline,whose headquarter is situated in Paris,France with providing mobile applied software solution which is based on "Appliance philosophy" by the well-known philosopher Vincent Cespdes together with 3 consecutive projects : Deepro,Leu Je Du Phenix and Philohack.

With the nonstop effort to stick to our goals ,Leotive has always been trying to become the company with the best service quality in Vietnam in the years ahead. This will reconsolidate our position as well as our 5-star service for the purpose of delivering an even better quality for the clients and offering a hand to the Vietnamese firms with the best solution at the most reasonable cost.

Vision & Mision

We are the one of the most effective Design & Development Companies



Top 5 Asia Professional in management system solutions and mobile app development


Professional provides intelligent and safety management systems and application solutions.

LEOTIVE is a company operating with international standardized procedures and qualities. We focus on developing solutional managerial applications toward contributing fundamental values to our clients by providing ERP administration systems and other intelligent administration system products. With care and prudence in all aspects of our creation procedure, we commit our products to help our clients operate in a more effective way, optimize cost and develop human resources.

We thrive with creativity, professionalism, and a commitment that we will keep learning and digging in order to develop innovative applications and intelligent solutions which will help our customers operate in a more effective way, optimize cost and develop human resources.

Our products are intelligent and informational secured so that customers applying them will gain great benefits in terms of both work performance and human resource development.

Leotive will always be a creative, energetic and youthful environment with necessary disciplines for every employee to devote their creativity to customers and society. We thrive with passion, enthusiasm, and 100% responsibility with work performance to achieve accomplishments that are even beyond expectations. Our team members collaborate in analyzing client’s managerial procedures to deeply understand so that we can tailor and propose optimal, smart and automatic solutions to our customers.

We will work with professionalism, diligence and qualifications to bring the best management system, the smartest and the most informational secured products to our customers.

Core Value

Professional working style

12 cultural values

1- Integrity
I always tell the truth, no matter how difficult and inconvenient it could be. I take responsibility for what I have said and I put great effort to keep my words. 

2- Proactive 
I actively build healthy and long-lasting relationships with people around me. I always complete tasks assigned to me with the greatest effort and I enthusiastically support my family, my friends, and my colleagues whenever possible. 

3- Treasure
I appreciate the bond between me and other people and I treasure their help. I treasure my friends, my family, and my colleagues/staffs. I treasure my work accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

4- Professional
I always act professionally in both workplace and in personal life. I commit myself to follow company’s procedures to excellently complete my job so that I could gain my own satisfaction as well as satisfaction from my colleagues and customers. 

5- Commitment
I make a self-commitment to finish tasks assigned to me and serve my clients in their best interest with care and prudence. I commit myself to my friends and my family that I will become a good sample, a productive member who contributes true value to my company and my family. 

6- Creative
I always seek for new, fresh, and modern experience in both personal life and in the workplace to change myself in a better way and to improve my business performance. Applying new and creative knowledge, methods in business helps me make a greater contribution to my customers. 

7- Quality
I always complete my job with greatest quality that requires no adjustment nor re-conduction.

8-  Friendly 
I will always be friendly in every word and action as a productive member who contributes positively to interpersonal relationships in my company and my clients I carefully serve. 

9- Joy
I consider my life as a journey to enjoy,I create and maintain a warm, positive atmosphere so people around me can also enjoy it. 

10- Self-improvement
Self-improvement is one of my daily tasks. It includes learning from leaders as well as my colleagues to become more open-minded and mature. I will always take part in company’s training courses and even external workshops with enthusiasm so that I can obtain more useful knowledge. 

11-  Responsibility 
I finish every assignment with the greatest effort and responsibility. I always contribute and devote to my company development by seeking effective and prompt solutions in serving clients. 

12- Attitude
I keep my mind positive, optimistic and I dedicate to my job and relationships in workplace and society. I show gratefulness to people by regularly telling them my appreciation. I consistently put efforts to make sure that me and other people got the right things to do. 


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