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Leotive focuses on researching software technology and the application of the software to the reality,which is the result of our learning from the state-of-the-art technology knowledge

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We are the one of the most effective Design & Development Companies


Top 5 Asia Professional in management system solutions and mobile app development


Professional provides intelligent and safety management systems and application solutions.

LEOTIVE is a company operating with international standardized procedures and qualities. We focus on developing solutional managerial applications toward contributing fundamental values to our clients by providing ERP administration systems and other intelligent administration system products. With care and prudence in all aspects of our creation procedure, we commit our products to help our clients operate in a more effective way, optimize cost and develop human resources.

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Professional working style


Receive information

- Contact with customer
- Make an appointment with customers
- Meet and find out the customer's preliminary needs

We define your business rivals and target audience. Discover what is working in your online industry, then plan a mindset diagram accordingly


We plan a mindset diagram


Design the theme

Advise and design according to the customer 's demand
 - Design structural system
 - Design user interface
 - Design database

- HTML is the standard markup language for Web page 
- HTML elements are building blocks of HTML pages
- CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed


UI/ UX Development


Feature Development

Proceed coding as the plan
Code is a system of rules to convert information - such as a letterword, sound, image, or gesture - into another form or representation, sometimes shortened or secret, for communication through a communication channel or storage in a storage medium.

Check the product to make sure that it has the best quality and show the Demo Website/Software/ Mobile App to customer




You will be satisfied

- To check and take over the product
- Conduct maintenance duty if needed
- Support our customers to limitlessly experience wonderful products


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